Considered as the largest town in the Basildon borough, Basildon is in the Essex County in England.

This lies 11 miles (18km) south of the Chelmsford, 32 miles (51 km) east of the Central London and 10 miles (16 km) west of Southend-of-sea. This was created after the World War II in1948 as a new town in order to accommodate the overspill of the population of London. It was in the year 1974 that the local district of Basildon was formed and received the status of borough in 2010. This district tends to encapsulate an area which is larger than the town.

Places worth a Visit:

Basildon is an interesting place with many places to visit; each of them holds a different charm.

*Langdon Hills Country Park:

This Langdon Park is located on a hilly ridge extending from Dunton to Vange. The 400 acres of this park offer panoramic views across London and the Thames Estuary. The ancient woodlands of these parks go back in time to the prehistoric period. Besides the dense scrubland you also find grassland meadows full of flowers. These areas are apt for picnics with a network for cycle and horse tracks and also footpaths. You can start your ride from the car park at one tree Hill. This park has won the Green Flag Award.

*Cater Museum:

Located in the heart of Billericay High Street, the Cater Museum is dedicated to the history of not only the community but the total area. There are exquisite collections of different objects which are somehow connected to the locals. Getting here is easy as you can travel by the public transport. All those interested in history of any kind need to pay a visit to this museum.

*Barley lands Farm:

The Barley lands farm is an apt family outdoor visit. This place is fun whatever the weather might be. Have a look at the birds of prey or mingle with the farmyard friends, small and big. There are other options like the trailer ride and the tractor ride and even indoor play activities. The indoor barn offers you a chance to get close to the favourites of farmlands. You can even go all the way and bottle-feed the lambs or other animals. Besides this, during the school holidays you find many events taking place here.

*Noak Bridge Nature Reserve:

For a rare view of different visiting warblers, butterflies, dragon flies and damselflies, the Noak Bridge Nature reserve is the right place. Besides this you can enjoy the beauty of the grasslands of open flower, ponds and developing woodland. Summer and spring are ideal for a view of the wildlife.

*Racing & River Boat Museum:

Located in Beale Park, this racing & River Boat Museum opened in the spring of 2013. This museum is dedicated to boats of historic times. This museum gives you an insight into the historic racings along with information on the present day racing. This structure is a 13th century barn of exposed wood and carpentry.

This Museum can be a relaxing spot for families.

A glimpse in to the history of Basildon.

Driving Lessons in Basildon for a 1st time pass.