Basildon Park – One of the best attractions in Essex

Are you a person who is interested in reading? Then you must be looking for a convenient location to engage with reading. If you are living in Essex, Basildon would be the best place available for you to go ahead and start reading.

Basildon is a massive mansion, which was constructed back in 18th Century. At the moment, this park is owned by the National Trust. The park has received attention from people who live in every corner of the country due to the scenic views that it offer along with the Thames River.

The fine building at the park even appeared in a movie named Pride and Prejudice back in 2005. Recently, the costumes used by the crew for the film were put on public display. This park is located in close proximity to Pangbourne and Streatley in Berkshire.

The mansion was constructed by one of the most popular architects named John Carr. He was from York and had a clear understanding about the architecture. The entire structure was constructed with the usage of Bath Stones. Once the architecture was finalized, Sir Francis Sykes took the responsibility of constructing this mansion. Not just the mansion has contributed towards the popularity of the ark. It is surrounded by a 400 acre park, which comprises of woodland and gardens. They have enhanced the value of the mansion. The Southerland Room that you can find in Basildon Park displays Graham Sutherland studies, which are being used for Christ in Glory.

This attraction has been used for a variety of purposes in the past. For example, it was requisitioned back in World War 1 and World War 2. Moreover, people started using this masterpiece for training activities at D-Day landings. However, nobody occupied the mansion in between 1910 and 1952. Since it was kept empty for a long period of time the government officials decided that it should completely be pulled down. Even though the decision to pull down the masterpiece came in, it didn’t happen because of the efforts of Lord and Lady Iliffe. They raised their voice against the destruction of this building in 1952.

After saving the mansion, the couple came forward and restored the entire building affectionately. During these renovations, a lot of value additions were introduced to the building as well. Stunning textiles, artwork and exquisite furniture are to name a few. It was then offered to the National Trust back in 1978. As a result, the National Trust was provided with the responsibility of conserving and maintaining it.

At the moment, this manor house has become one of the major tourist attractions in the area. To entertain the guests, a large number of activities are also being organized in the area. These activities can be found throughout the entire year. National Trust has been maintaining the Basildon Park for 30 years now and they are in charge for organizing all these activities, which include firework displays, guided tours and craft shows.

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