“After trying several different driving schools, I came across Drive School of Motoring and knew instantly this was the right choice for me.

Colin’s attention to detail and teaching style made learning to drive very enjoyable.

I had previously taken 2 driving tests but over 10 years ago, and felt nowhere near as confident and test ready as I did this time around with Colin’s guidance.

I cannot thank him enough for getting me to pass this time round! I’m actually going to miss being taught by him.

If anyone is looking to pass, this school is highly recommended!”

Krystal Hurley, Basildon

Colin graduated through our comprehensive training program before becoming a key member of our local instructor team.

He has several students all progressing towards their driving test and we are currently waiting for the customer reviews which will be added here as soon as we receive them.

A huge congratulations to Tom Massey from Basildon, who passed his practical driving test on 23rd October and with only two driving faults, what a really great drive.

Enjoy your Christmas as designated driver and keep safe out there, as I’m sure you will.

Really well done from your driving instructor, Colin Smith and from all of the team here at Drive School of Motoring.