What is a Driving School?


Driving Schools

Driving Schools are made up of a number of individual driving instructors which gives them advantage over the sole trader instructors. Each Driving School will have different level instructors offering more choice to any prospective students.

Driving Schools provide services beyond teaching someone to drive, some of the additional services might include refresher lessons or advanced driving lessons, motorway driving tuition, teaching our driving laws to foreign drivers.

There will be two types of Driving School, the National Driving School & the local Driving School. Both come with different reputations. The National Driving School is recognised by it’s brand name but will probably have little knowledge of your surrounding area. The local Driving School, however, will know all about your local roads & community & will have received reviews from local people.

Driving Schools offer Choice

Driving Schools offer more choice than your sole trader instructor. As they are a bigger operation with their own facilities, they will for instance have receptionists or other staff to respond to phone calls & handle bookings. These people will be trained to answer any questions you may have regarding their business or procedures. Typically, because they have numerous instructors, if a receptionist cannot answer your question there will often be another instructor around to assist.

Another benefit is that these instructors will not only be skilled to teach you to drive, they will also have additional procedural training for the driving school they work at. Which means all instructors will be working the same way to a single set of procedures & a single company mission statement.

The size of the driving school will reflect the ability to offer a greater number of services. Services such as refresher lessons for those that may have lost confidence in their driving, for instance they may have not driven for a while for some reason. Other services might include a more  advanced driver training such as motorway driving.

It’s not just additional services a driving school might offer. As they are a larger organisation with more instructors they are able to provide both male & female tutors. If you are likely to feel more comfortable with a female instructor or you’d rather have a male,  you are able to make that request when you make your initial enquiry.

You should now be able to see the benefits of choosing a driving school.

How to choose a Driving School

Choosing a driving school is not as difficult as it may seem. Simply opting for a school based on price alone for example is certainly not recommended as that in itself can throw up some  bad ones. For example the cheapest could mean their services or their training or experience is poor. The most expensive could mean they know how to sell their business but they cannot actually deliver it. So what is the best way to select a driving school?

Authentic Driving Lesson Reviews

A good quality school will have an authentic review system in place where past students can post their reviews. These will be open, honest & frank reviews which will start to give you a clear picture about the school & it’s instructors. What is the service like? Is the instructor patient for instance? Are they clear & articulate in their teaching?

The reviews should also help to give an indication if what the driving school claims in it’s marketing literature & promotions is actually fact. For example do many people mention they passed first time? Typically you would expect someone reviewing the driving school that taught them to drive to mention that amongst other comments.

Where can I find reviews? If you have internet access, then a good place to start is on the driving school website. Alternately you can then take a look at their social media platforms too. A good school will have it’s business on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.

Of course, it goes without saying that reviews can be fabricated as easily as the driving schools claims that they are the best, however, review systems can form a part of your decision process.  A good review explains what is good about something and why you should have it. A review that says something is good without explanation may as well not be a review.

The reviews along with your own enquiries collectively should be enough to enable you to choose a really good quality driving school.

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