Driving Lessons and Why take Them.

A recent study by online money saving website “Voucher Cloud” suggested that only 26% of those surveyed actually used approved driving instructors for their entire learning. The remainder used family & friends to save themselves some money. Those same people cited money saving as the reason behind their decision which given the website’s culture would make sense.

However, they also claimed that approved driving instructors simply cost too much. The irony behind the claims is that the National Average pass rate for the practical test stands at 47.2% meaning over half have to resit their test. So are they really saving anything at all?

The most cost effective way to learn to drive is to book a series of lessons with an approved driver then in between lessons practice what you have learned with family or friends. That way you don’t forget what you have learned when you resume your lessons. Remember practice makes perfect. The advantage of using a qualified driving instructor is you learn the basic driving skills you need to feel confident enough to operate a car. Those basic skills must be taught in a way that ensures you learn what is needed to pass your test.

A qualified driving instructor often has years of experience teaching students to drive & therefore will know when that student is ready to take the practical test. Not entering a student too soon is the real money saver.

In addition to practising in between lessons, an authorised driving instructor will issue you with a report card. This will be completed with your progress after each lesson. Your card is another tool that assists you in knowing yourself whether you feel you are ready for the practical test. It identifies the areas where you may need extra practice.

How many driving lessons are required?

According to the driving standards agency the average person takes 47 hours of tuition with an approved driving instructor then tops that up with a further 20 hours of practice with family or friends. These statistics are an average & as everybody is different, may not apply to you. Some students may require more lessons, especially if they haven’t the option to practice in between lessons. Others may have family or friends willing to take them out in the car every night which ensures they get the practice they want. Some people also pick things up quicker than others. The simple answer is there is no hard set number of lessons required to get you ready for your test.

That said, choosing a good quality driving school with excellent quality approved instructors can actually save you money in the long run & reduce the number of lessons you will need. They will identify your strengths & weaknesses on your report card & work with you on what you need to improve on.

It all comes down to you choosing a good quality authorised instructor to start with & the rest will come naturally.

So how can you gauge quality lessons?

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