“For many years (too many years to publicly admit) I had been saying I will upgrade my licence from automatic to a full manual licence, but understandably other life priorities took precedence.

One day I was walking somewhere in Basildon and a red learner driving car passed me with a Google advert sign on the side and I must have taken note because about a week later, I Googled driving schools in Basildon and Drive School of Motoring (D.S.M) was one of the schools that popped up (it turned out to be that the red car belonged to Colin Lott from D.S.M).

I read the reviews and was attracted by the success rate and money back guarantee so I called Colin to book a block of lessons. Colin was professional from the beginning but also human and laughed at my jokes, which is always a plus. He has a great approach to adapt his teaching to your personal learning style and apply a critical adult-learning approach. This ensured that I was involved in setting my weekly objectives, met my weekly learning outcomes and could reflect on the lessons learning at the end of each session. As an ‘experienced’ driver it was a challenge to let go of my past learning and ‘bad’ habits that I had acquired over the years, but with Colin’s tutoring, dry sense of humour and encouragement I was able to gain the skills and confidence I needed in a good amount of time and pass my practical test first time.

I would highly recommend Drive School of Motoring and Colin Lott as a driving instructor and tutor for the competitive pricing, professionalism and documented success rate.”

Uche Ezeh, Basildon

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Drive School of Motoring Guarantee

Drive School of Motoring Guarantee