A large town in Essex, with a population of almost 183,000, Basildon became a new town after the World War II.

This was to ease the congestion in London and for the replacement of the housing stock which was destroyed in Blitz. The popularity of Basildon with the commuters is due to the fact that this is located near the capital. Talking about the education here in Basildon, a lot of changes have been observed in the current times.

The primary schools of the town have transformed for the better as the differences between the academies and the schools run by the local authorities have been sorted out. This was done with the aim to increase the standard in education. The schools here were rated as ‘inadequate’ just two years back but have managed to get rid of this tag with specific improvements made.

Some educational Institutions in Basildon:

Education is important for the people of Basildon and the proof is the many universities located here catering to the various requirements.

*South Essex College:                                     

The South Essex College, founded in 1899 as a school for art. This was named the Technical School at a later time. This institute included the teachings commercial and industrial skills for different courses. It was in the year 2004 that this college relocated to a campus which was close to public transport routes. This college merged with the Basildon and Thurrock College in the year 2010 on 1st of January and was renamed as South Essex College.

The South Essex College offers various courses which include vocational courses and A-levels like the apprenticeships and BETC’s. Degrees and higher education courses include HND’s and HNC’s. These programs are validated by University of Arts London. This college offers different services to businesses via the Business development team.

*De La Salle School and Language College:

A secondary school which is Roman Catholic, De La Salle School is a mixed gender school for children aged 11 years to 16 years. This is a voluntary aided school which was founded in 1972 in September. This school has been awarded as status of Language Specialist in the year 2008.

*New Campus Basildon Studio School:

Sponsored by the Seevic College, the New Campus Basildon Studio School is the first of its kind, opened in the year 2013 in September. Students between the ages 14 to 19 years can seek admission here. Mainstream qualifications are offered here through practical projects, offering students to work with local employers.

The local employers participate actively in the different aspects of the curriculum. They identify the gaps in the skills and the experience which is required at a workplace. Students tend to develop employability along with skills through the work placement and the work experience. This gives them a total understanding of a workplace.

This school tends to focus on two areas mainly, the Sports and Leisure Sector and the Health and social Care Centre.

Besides this, you find multiple education institutions in Basildon catering to the various requirements in different fields.

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