When we talk about ‘healthy’ shopping we stress on the fact that shopping is a healthy option.

It has been proved multiple ties that shopping works as a stress buster for most of us. Keeping this in mind, we give you an insight into some shopping escapades in Basildon. Basildon shopping not only is physically healthy but also mentally healthy as you have different shopping centres catering to the different requirements.

1 East gate Shopping centre:.

A multi storied shopping centre, the East gate shopping centre is located in the middle of the town and thus works convenient for all those who love the idea of shopping. The ample parking space available here makes this place all the more tempting and convenient. For all those lovers of branded items, this is the place as you find brands like Smigle, Debenhams, trespass, Primark and more. For a break in shopping you can think of relaxing in the coffee shops here. This East gate shopping centre is apt in the cold winter months as this is a totally enclosed shopping mall.

  1. Primark Store:

Located in 106 – 114 Town Square, the Primark Store is a favoured shopping spot for all those fashion lovers. This store has been established as the destination store and tends to keep up with the latest looks without causing a dent in your pocket.

  1. Mayflower Shopping:

The locals of Basildon are considered to be festive pros. shopping at Mayflower works apt as besides the many brands available here you can look for the different gifts. From furniture to kiddie’s clothes, this works as a one stop destination for all those who love shopping. Save those pennies with the many discounts and sales in Mayflower shopping.

Eating Joints:

After all the shopping done most of us feel the hunger pangs. With multiple eating joints at a close distance there is no way you feel any discomfort.


For that ‘good’ cup of coffee after a long day, Char-latte works out the best option available. You can choose between the sitting arrangements on the outside if the weather permits. Evening or even morning snacks can be tasty with a wide choice in different pastries.

*Spoon World Buffet and Bar:

Friends and family can enjoy the different dishes available here, both hot and cold or probably a good desert. You have a separate bar for the drinks, and to add to this the prices are reasonable. A place which is ideal for an after-shopping meal.

* Neds Noodle Bar:

Neds Noodle Bar works well for all those who are health conscious as the food served here is not only healthy but also nutritious. Different sauces with gluten free noodles make a complete meal.  You can couple this with the different vegetables ad meats available.

*Cafe Cinco:

Cafe Cinco is a combination of good food with excellent staff. The food is non-greasy and thus healthy. An additional benefit of this cafe is the cleanliness factor which is given its due importance. With the different choices available this works out to be cafe for all tastes.

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