A trip to Basildon can be considered incomplete if you are not aware of eating joints here.

You have wide choices from the foods you can eat. To make this dining a comfortable experience we list some of the so called ‘good’ food joints. From budget restaurants to family restaurants and also the luxury eating joints need to be tried at least once during your stay here. This works out as a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience.

  1. Villagio Ristorante:

A modern and convenient Italian restaurant, Villagio Ristorante is located in the heart of the town centre. The food here can be termed ‘authentic and classic’ and the atmosphere is definitely relaxing. The total experience of dining here is as good as the food served. Besides which, you tend to enjoy the warmth and friendliness exuded by the staff here, which makes the experience totally unforgettable.

  1. Aspera Restaurant:

Aspera is one place which is ideal in both the scenarios, whether you need to dine with your friends or are looking out for a quiet family meal. The warmth offered here seems to make the total atmosphere more inviting and you can enjoy your meal to the fullest. The Mediterranean food served here is cooked using the ingredients available locally, thus offering an authentic taste.

  1. Felix Seafood Grill:

For all of you who are lovers of sea-food, the Felix Seafood grill is the place you need to visit. You can enjoy the various dishes in different tastes. Besides this, you are comfortable with the sensitive staff here who are not overly attentive. High standard of interior decorations just adds up to the class of this place.

  1. The Gun Pub:

Looking for a family pub then the Gun Pub works out well. Besides the different beers available here you have a wide range of choices in the bar food. This can be termed as a ‘family’ pub due to the open area specifically allotted for kids. Relax and let the kids have their fun.

  1. The Georges cafe:

This Georges cafe caters to not only breakfast but also brunch. Besides the meals being tasty, the service can be termed as ‘good’ as it is quick with no delays and mess ups. The fresh food which is served hot adds to the service of the friendly and warm staff. For that added benefit, the food is priced reasonably.

  1. The Quays Hungry Horse:

Spend quality time with your better half or even with family and friends at Quays, Basildon. Comfy, cosy and warm can describe this place to the tee. You can choose from the full breakfast or even opt for a beer and snacks. The choice is yours. They have the wallet-pleasing promotions almost every day, which is definitely a tempting offer as you have a different menu each day offered in these promotions.

  1. Ho Ho Chinese Takeaway:

Lovers of Chinese cannot afford to overlook the Ho Ho Chinese Takeaway. Fresh and hot food available here makes this one of the busiest food joints. You can consider this GVM (Good Value for Money).

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