Things to do in Basildon

Basildon is one of the largest towns that you can see in Essex. It is located about 25 miles east to London and has a population of about 170,000 residents. Basildon was developed as a new town after the Second World War in order to accommodate the overspill population of London.

People who visit  would never get bored because they have plenty of activities to take part in and enjoy. Among the tourist attractions that can be found. The St. Martins Bell Tower holds a prominent place. This tower is entirely made out of steel and glass. It was opened by the Queen in order to celebrate the millennium. This bell tower consists of six different bells and has a height of 85m. Out of these bells, one of them became the first ever bell in the country to be casted by a woman.

Basildon is the home to a large number of museums as well. Out of the museums, the Cater Museum, which is located in the High Street, has become popular among guests. It can be considered as the Victorian Home to recreation. People in all age categories can think about visiting the Cater Museum. Plotland Museum is another popular museum that you will be able to find. This is a preserved Plotlands bungalow. By visiting this museum, you will be able to figure out how plots were sold for the people as weekend retreats.

During your journey, you should never forget to visit the Barleylands Farm. In here, it is possible for the guests to see a variety of farm animals. You can also see a craft village and a miniature steam railway. Basildon can be considered as the venue, which is selected for the Essex Steam and Country Show.

The massive sign paired with white lettering is one of the iconic landmarks that you can see. This sign is five feet tall and the letters have been indicated according to the Hollywood sign. All the people who visit will be able to see this sign. In fact, it has been put up with the objective of welcoming all the visitors who come.

Basildon offers plenty of destinations for the peoples to engage with their recreational activities as well. The Festival Leisure Park is a perfect example to prove the above mentioned fact. It has got excellent facilities for the people who are looking forward to enjoy their leisure time. Some of the facilities that you can see include two health clubs, nightclubs, cinema, an arcade, bowling and restaurants. In addition, you will also be able to find a cricket club, a rugby club and two football clubs.

As you can see, a person visiting would never get bored due to the availability of all these attractions. In fact, these attractions have the ability to make the stay a memorable one for the guests.

Why do people love to visit Basildon?