Why do people love to visit Basildon?

Basildon can be considered as one of the most beautiful towns located in Essex. This town was not well known to people in UK before 1949. However, the government officials were looking for an effective method to accommodate the overspill of population at London after the Second World War. As a result, Basildon received much attention.

The first historical records about this town can be found back in 1086. In that record, this town is mentioned under a small description. The record was found in one of the Domesday Books. The town was called as Belesduna in that book.

When you translate the name of this town, you would realize that the meaning of it is linked with Beorhtel’s Hill. In fact, Beorhtel is the name of Anglo Saxon. The term Dun refers to Hill. If you take a closer look at the historical documents, you will be able to figure out how the name of the city has been derived. The name has changed along with time and this town was called by different names in different time periods. At certain times, this city has even been called as Berdlesdon, Belesduna and Batlesdon.

Basildon is a town that is loved by people. Plenty of reasons are available to prove the above mentioned fact. It can be considered as one of the best destinations available in Essex for the people to go ahead and shop for items they want. A large number of high street stores can also be found around Basildon. Towards East Walk, it would be possible for the users to find a lot of coffee houses. These coffee houses become crowded in the evenings with guests. The Eastgate Shopping Center is another popular destination that you can find in Basildon for shopping. It offers products from more than 100 different retailers. Some more outlets can be found in the Pavement market and Westgate Shopping Park. Fresh vegetables, fruits and fish served in here have a higher demand. In addition, people are provided with the opportunity to purchase clothing and household goods from these shops.

It is also possible for the people to find a Festival Leisure Park here in Basildon. This is one of the most popular leisure parks that can be found towards the Northern Side. The ownership of this park belongs to Norwich Union. This park offers plenty of recreational activities for the guests to take part and enjoy. They include an arcade center, a bowling center, a twelve screen theatre and two health clubs. In addition, it is possible for you to find two hotels and many other decent restaurants at this Leisure Park. The third largest nightclub in United Kingdom can also be found in here. Therefore, Basildon has been blessed with an active nightlife.

As you can see, this is one of the best cities that you can find in Essex. Plenty of things are available for the people to take part and enjoy. Moreover, the guests can also shop till they drop.

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